Dual Language Program

RCMA’s Wimauma Community Academy utilizes Dual Language One-Way Immersion Program in order to develop basic skill acquisition, literacy, math, and content area skills, in both english and spanish. It is our mission to engage, educate and empower our students to be bilingual, bicultural and biliterate.

Our school offers Dual Language Instruction of grade level content in both Spanish and English from Kindergarten to Third Grade. The program will expand each year by one grade level. The Florida Department of Education and the Office of Multicultural Student Languages Education recommends this strategy to be an acceptable model to meet LEP needs, as well as foreign language development for monolingual students.

Extensive research points towards Dual Language Programs providing effective instruction for second language learners to develop competency in academic skills in both languages.

Our Dual Language Immersion Program also addresses various types of reading and literacy development for students (read aloud, guided, modeled/shared, interactive and independent).

Through the Dual Language Immersion model, our school meets the various learning styles of all students and allows them to develop from emergent readers to fluent readers in all subjects in the English and Spanish languages.