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Mulberry Community Academy accepts applications for Kindergarten students beginning in April. Each year the school may also have a limited number of slots for transfer students for mid-year and new academic year transfer. You may apply to Mulberry Community Academy by completing the registration packet during the Open Enrollment Period. Only completed applications with supporting documents will be considered. Parents will be notified of acceptance or assigned a lottery number if applications exceed capacity.


Mulberry Community Academy is a tuition-free public school and is open to all students. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, disability, national or ethnic origin in administration of its admission policies or education programs. If there are more applicants than available spaces the school will conduct a lottery.

Enrollment Preference

Mulberry Community Academy grants preference to specific populations within our community as follows:

  1. Siblings of students enrolled at MCA
  2. Children attending RCMA Early Learning Migrant and Farmworker programs
  3. Children of community essential workers, including RCMA Head Start /School Readiness
  4. A limited number of seats, not to exceed 2% or a maximum of 4, will be held for children of RCMA charter school staff.


Should the number of new applicants for a grade exceeds the school’s capacity, the school will hold a lottery, taking into account enrollment preference. Please note that only applicants with completed applications will be eligible to participate in the lottery.

Registration Time Line

March and April April May Year round
Information sessions held in the community

Requests sent to community RCMA ECE Centers for a list of interested families

Kindergarten applications accepted Transfer applications accepted for other openings in 1st-8th

Lottery held if Needed (applications exceed available slots)

Registrations completed

Orientation sessions for new Kindergarten families

Transfers considered